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Pastoral care

Boarding Housemasters are assisted by a variety of experienced staff who help boys with pastoral care, health, academic support, social outings and supervision. All residential staff are trained in basic first aid and accredited against national standards.

Attached to each House are Mentors who meet regularly with boys and guide them in both academic and pastoral matters.

Boarding Housemasters, resident members of staff and a House Matron are collectively responsible for monitoring the whereabouts of each boarder.

Tutorial support in the boarding houses is provided by the Housemaster, the resident staff who are all teachers at King’s as well as other members of the teaching staff. We also call on the resources and experience of Old Boys to help with all facets of a King’s boarding experience.

House matrons

Each boarding house has a House Matron who is an integral part of the pastoral family. The House Matron lives in the Boarding House during the week.   While their major responsibility lies in managing the routine of the boarding house, House Matrons provides a friendly ear, listening to home news, social relationships, classroom issues and sporting achievements. 

House Matrons also liaise with the Health Centre when there are issues related to the health of boarders.

Residential Staff supervision

Residential staff are rostered for duty in the boarding houses on a schedule prepared by each Housemaster. Their duties include waking the boys, managing the morning routine and ensuring they are ready for school.

Each evening Residential staff supervise homework and recreation time. Staff are assisted by senior students in running the House. Staff are also rostered on at weekends to supervise the boarding house.

In the Health Centre there is a registered nurse on duty 24 hours each day.  Visiting doctors and physiotherapists are on call. The School also has a full time Counsellor to assist in any cases of student concern or other pastoral matters.

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