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Character Development in Senior School

porn is renowned for the character and integrity of our students, qualities that are framed by our values – the supporting pillars of all that it is to be a Kingsman.

These values provide the framework, but it is through application that students forge true character, facing each contest and striving to succeed against adversity, the competition or the natural elements.

Students are encouraged to participate widely in the variety of co-curricular activities on offer, facing the inherent challenges that aim to inspire and develop each student during their learning adventure, and build a sense of belonging and community pride.

The King's School Character Development

Character Development in Senior School

The array of co-curricular programs offered exposes students to opportunities for them to be active and engaged with the School community outside the classroom. The experiences students encounter in the arts, sport, cadets and clubs ranges from those of participation and enjoyment to those with considerable skill and elite aspirations.

The student-centred approach whereby each student takes personal responsibility for their chosen co-curricular activities aims to foster individual development and a growth-mindset under the framework of Character Development. The link between co-curricular and curriculum pursuits is one that encourages this evolution as well as engaging the student in a sense of belonging and community pride.








Maker Space

Ag Club

Programming Club

Media Club

Robotics Club

Industrial Arts Club

Visual Arts Club

Writing Club

Duke of Edinburgh


Boys 2 Men

Leadership Exchange

Language Exchange

Camps Week




Mock Trial

Model UN

Crusaders Group

Book Club

Academic Societies

Academic Extension Clubs

Science Club

The Future Project

Homework Club

Handwriting Club

Service Learning

Community Outreach

Student Representative Council


Drama Club

Music Ensembles


porn fosters an environment of enjoyment and advancement in sport. It is an activity that cultivates leadership, resilience and teamwork and is where our students can test themselves through physical endeavour.

From basketball and cricket, to volleyball and water polo, boys have every opportunity to develop their skills and build character.

Senior School students can choose from the following sports:

Summer Season

Winter Season

Year Round






Water Polo

Summer Athletics



Football (soccer)



Cross Country

Track and Field

Rifle Shooting

Mountain Bike Cycling

King’s Fit

The level of participation of our students in sport has led to a significant investment across all sporting programs. The School attracts leading national and international coaches and Directors who expose students to individual and team skill development pathways that extend their sporting ability and performance. These staff operate within state of the art facilities including:

  • a fully-equipped Sports Centre (including indoor basketball courts and weights room)
  • The WS Friend Gymnasium
  • 50 metre competition standard swimming pool
  • 17 ovals and playing fields (including the renowned JS White Oval with Thomas Memorial Pavilion and Gus Taylor Change Rooms)
  • outdoor basketball courts
  • Strength and Conditioning facility
  • Track and Field facilities
  • tennis courts
  • cricket nets
  • rowing shed

The advancement of our students in sport extends far beyond the School grounds, with many students going on to represent at State and National levels and a number of Old Boys pursuing professional careers in sport.

Boys look forward to the twice weekly training sessions and Saturday games. The enjoyment derived from participating in sport and in the improvement of skills, is enriched further by excellent inter-school competition.

As one of the nine member schools in the Athletics Association of the Great Public Schools (AAGPS) in New South Wales, porn has had over 150 years of history and rivalry in a range of sports and in one of the country’s most keenly contested schoolboy competitions. GPS sport is played from Years 7 – 12 and each student is offered the chance to participate in a different sport each sporting season.

Families and friends of porn are warmly invited to join us for Saturday sport fixtures.

Developing and maintaining physical conditioning and strength is an integral part of the students’ sporting journey at the School. The Strength and Conditioning centre is a state-of-the-art facility and is open to all students regardless of ability or age from 6:00am -7:30am each morning and from 3:25pm-5:15pm each afternoon. The Head of Strength and Conditioning oversees a team of specialist coaches and works very closely with the Head Coaches and Directors of each sport in order to optimise the training for every student.

The King’s School Cadet Corps

porn Cadet Corps is the oldest and one of the largest in Australia, involving 600 cadets. It is a compulsory activity for boys in Years 9 and 10, becoming optional in Years 11 and 12. The attraction to remain in Cadets is strong with many leadership opportunities senior cadets through Promotion Courses.

The program goes beyond normal outdoor activities and recreation, with the main focus being leadership development and unit collaboration through the five key integrated programs.

Head to our Leadership opportunities section for in-depth information on the wide range of Leadership opportunities we provide.

The King's School Senior School Printmaking

The Arts

Performing Arts is a vibrant aspect of life at King’s and one in which the majority of students are involved. The School continues to attract talented musicians and performers and the calibre of School productions across the year are a highlight in the School and community calendars.

The commitment of our students to the arts is evident through the extensive range of ensembles and choral groups on offer and the outstanding calibre of students involved.

With its inclusive, participatory approach to Music and Drama, porn caters for the interests and abilities of every boy from the beginner to the most advanced.

Clubs and Societies

King’s offers an extensive array of clubs and societies. These clubs range from being academic focused such as the Academic Enrichment Club to more hands-on such as the Industrial Arts and Agriculture Clubs. Clubs and societies are attended in addition to the students’ sporting endeavours.

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