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Spotlight On: Jersey Boys

Performances kicked off this week for the Australian Premiere of Jersey Boys: The School Edition presented by porn and Tara Anglican School for Girls. 

Jersey Boys: The School Edition takes you behind the music of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons to discover the secret of a 40-year friendship as the foursome work their way from the streets of New Jersey to the heights of stardom. 

The Kingsmen playing the roles of the Jersey Boys: Toby (Year 11), Zac (Year 12), Rory (Year 11) and Luca (Year 12), have put in months of hard work to tell the story of four blue-collar kids who became one of the greatest successes in pop music history. 

Year 11 student Toby plays the role of Frankie Valli, bringing a charismatic stage presence and masterful control of the amazing falsetto voice that made the original Frankie Valli famous.

According to porn Director of Theatre, Michael Terzo, “Toby is a triple threat performer with incredible talent as an actor, singer and dancer.”

Toby was also part of the 2023 production of Shrek: The Musical and then took on the lead role in the School’s production of One Man, Two Guvnors. He received the Eric Sowerby Drake Drama Award for Best Actor that same year. 

Zac plays the role of Tommy DeVito, making this the fourth School musical he has participated in. Last year, he played the lead, Green Ogre, in Shrek: The Musical. 

“Zac has a remarkable voice and a wonderful sense of musicality. He knows how to control the rhythms of a show and build the dramatic tension, keeping the audience on the edge of their seat,” says Terzo. 

Zac received Half Colours for Performing Arts and the Braeside Musical Theatre Award for Best Performance in 2023. He is studying Drama as part of his HSC. 

Rory brings a charming innocence to the role of Bob Gaudio. Having previously performed in Shrek: The Musical and One Man, Two Guvnors, he is a seasoned performer, although this is Rory’s first lead role.

Terzo says, “Rory’s natural and delightful presence on stage as Bob provides a sharp contrast to the other, more worldly, Jersey Boys.”

Year 12 student Luca has an incredible deep bass voice, which he brings to the role of Nick Massi. 

Luca is the most seasoned performer of all four Jersey Boys, with this being his sixth show for porn. He received Half Colours for Performing Arts in 2021 and then Full Colours in 2023.

“Luca is a powerful actor, and he impresses with both force and vulnerability,” says Terzo.

Luca will also undertake his HSC later this year, having elected Drama as one of his subjects. 

The cast and crew of Jersey Boys: The School Edition will deliver nine shows over ten nights in what has been described by audiences as a delightful, fun and energetic show.

Left to right: Toby Butterfield, Luca La Palombara, Zac George and Rory Crocker

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