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Those that make the Boarding Adventure happen

While boarding is about the students, it would be impossible for it to happen without the many staff who work hard to make the Boarding Adventure a reality, those who ensure linen is clean, fruit bowlsare filled, facilities are maintained and that students are comfortable.

As part of National Boarding Week, our boarders have been expressing gratitude to the many people who have and continue to help the boarding experience occur.Thiswas seenat special gratitude dinners held atboththe North Parramatta and Southern Highlands campuses, where students and staff gathered and ate together, with students providing cards and gifts as symbols of their appreciation.

At porn Senior School, the Matrons are a comforting presence for the students, someone they can turn to when they miss home and look after them if they are sick.

Matron at Broughton Forrest House, Ms Hollow, sayswhilethe role keeps her busy, including moving crates of clean clothes, she appreciates the respect and the genuine relationships built amongst the boys and boarding staff.

“I always say we are all on the good shipBroughtonForrestandwe all have to work together as a team and have a genuine community,” says Ms Hollow.

Recently appointed Matron of Baker Hake House, Ms Peake agrees with Ms Hollow, stating that despite only being in the role for a short period, the relationships boarders build with staff and each other isawonderfulthing.

While feeling for those students who are away from home, Ms Peake is glad she can help with any ‘home-type things’ they may be missing.

“I feel the best thing about boarding for the boys is the friends they makeasit’s basically like 80 siblings living under one roof. The support they get from the Housemaster, teachers and tutors is also a massive benefit for thembothpersonally and academically,” says Ms Peake.

Having been in the role for approximately 15 years, Ms Sheridan, Matron of Bishop Barker Harris House, enjoys getting to know the boys and their personalities when they first arrive in Year 8 and the process of watching them grow into young men by the time they graduate school.

She says the great sense of community and family created within a boarding house, with the friendships formed between each other, their families and staff, is a highlight.

Ms Sheridan also revealed that while she is a “fixer of most”, with spiders and ants a speciality, she will always remember fondly the time both she and a young boy, who went on to be a 1st XV rugby player, jumped on a bed in fright after a mouse had appeared in his room.

Head of Boarding at Tudor House, Anthony Philips, says the camaraderie among the students and staff is a highlight of the boarding experience.

“Living and working closely together fosters strong bonds and allows for meaningful relationships to develop. Witnessing the growth and development of the students, both academically and personally, is incredibly rewarding,” says Mr Philips.

Mr Philips says the boarding environment encourages independence, resilience and social skills, with students learning to manage their time effectively, build strong friendships and develop a sense of responsibility.

In his time at Tudor House so farMrPhilips says aside from seeing the bonds forged between students as they grow together, he willalways rememberthe early morning fire drillsthat wereset off by spiders and escorting chickens and mice from thecommonroom. Highlightsof the challenge and unpredictability of boarding life.

On behalf of our boarders and their families, we want to thank and acknowledge the hard work and great care that our boarding staff, including our Matrons, provide our boarders.

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