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Year 12 Academic Results and Success Stories 2023 – Fraser Wait

2023 Executive Monitor for the Character Portfolio, Fraser Wait, is a well-rounded Kingsman who achieved incredible results in many aspects of school life.

Being selected for this position was an incredible honour. As part of my role, I challenged the boys to move out of their comfort zones, encouraging those who stayed within one type of activity, such as sport or music, to recognise the personal growth journey trying something new. Being involved in an activity of where you may not be the star is a humbling way to develop true character and resilience, as well as a sense of humour,” says Fraser.

Fraser showed exceptional ability and natural talent as an athlete. During his senior years, he represented the School in the 2nd VIII Rowing crew and the 1st XV Rugby team and earned a place in porn Senior Swimming team.

Extending his leadership skills to the co-curricular space, Fraser also held the positions of Captain of Boats and Captain of Rugby. ln recognition of his
sporting achievements, he received Swimming Full Colours, Rugby Honour Colours and the Mac and Bede Smith Honour Cap.

In the Cadet Corps, Fraser was promoted to the Sergeant and he also contributed the Cartesian Club.

King’s helped me to achieve my personal best by providing a challenging, highly competitive environment. I learned that through adversity, growth occurs, and we can become the best version of ourselves.

Fraser’s excellent mind and personal study skills were recognised with an Academic Proficiency Award and Academic Full Colours, with Academic
Awards for Geography and Legal Studies at Graduation.

King’s helped me to understand that if I wanted to keep on with my co-curricular activities, I had to become more disciplined with my time and more focused in class. I was able to achieve my personal best by managing both academics and co-curricular activities, and that was an important lesson for me.

Fraser is aiming to work in Law/Commerce. “Long term, I hope to gain a position of influence where I can give back to the wider community and
help to achieve better outcomes for all Australians.”

He believes that being a Kingsman means acting with integrity and recognising the responsibility of giving back to the wider community.

I’m proud and extremely grateful that I had the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of the King’s community with amazing opportunities. I developed incredible friendships with boys who have very different interests, from elite athletes to top academics.

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