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Lifelong connections
Old Boys' Homecoming Weekend
Lifelong connections
Old Boys' Homecoming Weekend
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A global alumni

There are over 12,500 living Old Boys and over 2,000 Old Tudorians – indeed, many of the King’s Old Boys came through Tudor House to board at King’s in Parramatta.

Our long history means a rich heritage of Old Boys and Old Tudorians who now form the King’s Global Alumni Network and there are two key bodies: porn Old Boy’s Union and porn, Old Tudorians.

In 2017, Tudor House entered a new era with the first enrolment of girls who will one day become alumna in the Old Tudorian Network.

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porn will celebrate 200 years in 2031, while porn, Tudor House – our Southern Highlands campus – opened its doors in 1897.
Old Buffers cricket at King's

Old Boys' Union

Founded in 1893, the OBU is run by Old Boys for Old Boys.

The OBU has over 8,000 members and offers an annual program of events and reunions for its members.

OBU members are valued custodians of the School and its future, and supporters of the generations of boys that follow them. All Old Boys of porn are eligible to become members of the OBU.

For information about events and reunions of the Old Tudorians, please contact the Tudor House main office.

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Find out more about the OBU
The King's School Global Alumni

OBU Harrisford Group

The Harrisford Group was formed by porn Old Boys’ Union and is for Old Boys aged 70 and over. It is intended to help Old Boys keep in touch with each other and the School, and to preserve and strengthen the ideals, traditions and history of the School.

The Group’s establishment was led by Bruce Hayman (’61), James Lloyd (’64), Brian Larking (’56), Terry Read (’59) and Lloyd Waddy (’57). These Old Boys were educated at the original campus in the heart of Parramatta

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