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Boys' Boarding at porn, Years 7 to 12
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Boarding at porn

Boarding is the heart of The Բ’s School. Our boarders enjoy an unparalleled opportunity to live and learn on campus, develop their independence and resilience and form lifelong friendships.

Boarding is very much a home away from home where the wonderfully supportive and highly qualified staff strive to make it a welcoming and safe space, and a rewarding learning adventure. Boys are encouraged to develop their individual talents and interests, taking full advantage of excellent facilities, inspiring surroundings and access to all the opportunities on offer.

During their time at Բ’s, boarders will participate in an extensive range of learning programs, leadership experiences, sporting fixtures and excursions, developing their integrity, compassion, and a true sense of humility and place.

Boarding Facilities

The Բ’s School offers enviable boarding facilities across its campuses, with a number of high quality, purpose-built houses offering every home comfort and the support of deeply experienced and committed boarding staff.

Wherever they may be in their boarding adventure, students have everything they need to make the most of their time and maximise their learning potential.

home away from home


Meet the Head of Boarding

Mr. Benjamin Chadwick

Ben is the Director of Boarding (Senior School) and serves the entire Senior School Boarding Community, leading a motivated and committed team of housemasters and boarding staff.

Ben, his wife Dimity and family have lived and worked at The Բ’s School since 2004 and they are highly respected within the community. Ben has a wealth of boarding experience, including Assistant Boarding Housemaster at Broughton and Housemaster of Macarthur and Bishop Barker Harris Houses.

Ben is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Boarding Houses as well as monitoring the social, emotional, academic, cultural, and spiritual wellbeing of all boarders in the Senior School.

Boarding Housemasters

Our supportive and highly qualified Housemasters provide daily care for our boarders, as well as a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all.

The porn School boarding experience is based on discussing, learning about and putting into practice our values of honesty, humility, respect, with emphasis on a responsibility for self with action and words, a sense of place and an understanding and appreciation of opportunities available to the boys. Our Housemasters are dedicated to providing our boarders with a home away from home.

Meet Our Housemasters

The King's School, Grant Gerber
The King's School, James Peters
The King's School, Tom Ruddock
The King's School, William van Asperen
The King's School, Robbie Williams

Boarding Houses

Five Houses are available at the Parramatta campus (Years 7 to 12):
  • Baker Hake
  • Bishop Barker Harris
  • Broughton Forrest
  • Gowan Brae (Year 7)
  • Macarthur Waddy

    Medley House (Years 3 to 6) is our Southern Highlands boarding house.
  • Boarders join Gowan Brae in Year 7, where they learn the ropes of boarding as a year group. From Year 8, boarders join their senior boarding house where they stay through their time at Բ’s.

    encouraging respect

    Pastoral Care

    Boarding Housemasters are assisted by a variety of experienced staff who help boys with pastoral care, health, academic support, social outings and supervision. All residential staff are trained in basic first aid and accredited against national standards. Housemasters, resident members of staff and a House Matron are collectively responsible for monitoring the whereabouts of each boarder.

    Caring and experienced staff


    Attached to each House are Mentors who meet regularly with boys and guide them in both academic and pastoral matters.

    Smooth Transition

    We take a nurturing approach to boarding with the establishment of strong friendships being an integral part of the King’s boarding experience.

    Tudor House offers the first introduction to boarding and a wonderful opportunity for students to grow their boarding wings. Friendships formed at Tudor House assist boys in settling easily in the transition to Year 7 boarding.

    Gowan Brae (Year 7) boarders discover a house dedicated to helping them build strong bonds in a supportive environment. Gowan Brae allows young students to connect as a year group and grow their boarding wings before moving to senior boarding houses in Year 8.

    A range of options

    Our boarding options allow parents to choose what is most suitable for their son and each provides excellent opportunities to mix, immerse and get the most from school life.

    We warmly welcome boys from the country and the city, from the local area and from overseas – boys from all walks of life and corners of the world happily call Բ’s their home.

    Flexibility in boarding

    Full boarding gives students an enviable opportunity to be completely immersed in the life of School throughout the Term. As a Boarder boys can take advantage of the extensive academic, sporting and social opportunities on offer. They build deep connections with other boarders and the wider school, and develop a very strong sense of community within their House.

    Guided by a highly experienced team of Housemasters, Matrons and residential staff, boys take part in all that the School offers, from daily homework (“prep”) and academic study, to Saturday sport, social programs, extracurricular activities and excursions.

    As immersed as boys will become in their surroundings and various groups, the Housemaster nonetheless ensures that each boy remains connected with his family.

    Subject to availability, casual boarding provides flexibility for busy families.

    An Overseas Boarding Liaison Staff member supports international students to settle quickly, forge friendships and become an integral part of school life.

    Our Housemasters and boarding team ensure our boys from overseas feel welcome, and are supported with  opportunities to develop friendships within the .  Each boy will be supported with regular communication with their families back home.

    Every student is welcomed as a valued member of The Բ’s School community, and is offered the same level of guidance, academic challenge, sporting opportunity and social interaction.

    Tudor House offers full, weekly and casual (per night) boarding for girls and boys between Years 3 and 6.

    The combined care of our Housemaster and Housemother provides a seamless transition between home and school for all our boarding students. All boarding activities are equal, which has been proven by the girls who are as fearless in their BMX bike riding as the boys alongside them.

    Our no-screens policy encourages outdoor and creative play and has been very successful along with weekly letter writing from all boarders to their families.

    Boarding News


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